Orthodontic Conditions/Issues

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Bucky Teeth

This often arises due to the lower jaw and lower teeth being set back. 

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This happens when there is not enough space in your mouth to fit all your teeth.

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Double Row Teeth

Erupting adult teeth can miss their primary tooth counterpart.

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Ectopic Teeth

This refers to teeth that’s developed and erupted in the incorrect position.

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Impacted Teeth

Teeth form deep within the jaw and journey far to find their proper place.

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Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are common, often it is the lateral incisors, or lower second molars.


Teeth Spacing

Spaced teeth trap food, is unaesthetic in the smile and often unstable as other teeth will shift into the gaps.

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Thumb Sucking

Prolonged thumb sucking into late childhood leads to permanent bite problems.

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A smile is a curve that can set things straight

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