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Deep Bite or Over Bite

Deep bites are used to describe the appearance of the upper front teeth excessively overlapping the lower front teeth.

When left untreated, this unfavourable bite relationship results in severe dental wear of the lower front teeth, trauma to the roof of the mouth and indents onto the lower lip.  As well as affecting the overall aesthetics of the smile

Deep bites can be opened up with many different appliances.

Plates are often used for younger patients.

Specially shaped orthodontic wires are incorporated during treatment to open the bite. Brackets are placed differently on teeth to help open the bite. 

Specialized features can be built into your Invisalign appliance to simultaneously open your bite while aligning the teeth.

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Case 1

“I want my deep bite fixed”

33 year old, 

Excessive eruption of upper and lower incisors, with flared upper incisors

Treatment plan: Twin Block to open bite, braces to align.

Total Treatment time: 1.5yrs 

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