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Open Bite

This is when the back teeth contact first preventing the top and bottom teeth from touching. An open bite creates many problems including speech difficulties, biting problems, tongue thrusting and poor lip seal. As well as heavy wear of the back teeth and an unaesthetic smile.

A comprehensive diagnosis is required to determine the cause of the open bite.

Treatment depends on the size of the open bite. Small open bites can be successfully closed with a combination of braces or Invisalign and elastics.

Larger open bites may require assistance from temporary titanium studs placed on the roof of your mouth to help intrude the back teeth to allow a more even bite.

Exceptionally large open bites may require surgical intervention to obtain a stable and aesthetic result.

Smile Gallery

Case 1

“My front teeth don’t touch”

16 year old, 

Anterior open bite, only biting on back teeth

Treatment plan: Alignment, and TAD* intrusion on upper molars

Total Treatment time: 2.5 years 

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