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Reverse Overjet

When your lower jaw extends infront of your upper jaw, forcing your lower teeth to sit infront of your upper teeth.

This bite relationship often reflects an underlying skeletal growth difference.

If left like this, this type of bite is very uncomfortable with a lack of a stable biting pattern. It leads to strain on the jaw joints and unusual wear of the involved teeth.

Treatment options for this depends on the severity of the underlying growth issue. Special investigations and x-rays will be required to diagnose and treat this condition.

Mild cases can be treated with a plate followed by a standard course of braces or Invisalign. More severe cases may require surgical correction of the jaw discrepancy as well as orthodontic treatment.

Your orthodontists will provide you with a step by step plan based on your specific situation

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Case 1

“I don’t like how my bottom teeth overlap my top teeth”

16 year old, 

Interference during biting, causing lower jaw to move forward to obtain a stable bite.

Crossbite on the right

Treatment plan: Expansion upper jaw. Followed by braces. (No surgery, no teeth removed)

Total Treatment time: 1.8 years 

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