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Crowding of teeth happens when there is not enough space in your mouth to fit all your teeth.

Crowded teeth are unattractive in the smile, they are hard to clean, hard to eat and the teeth displaced can become very sensitive to cold without an adequate layer of gum covering.

Treatment aims is to create space in your jaws. In younger patients, we can often expand the jaw to accommodate all the erupting teeth.

Other methods that your orthodontist may discuss including polishing of the wider teeth, creating space by uprighting teeth, pushing teeth back to alleviate crowding of the front teeth. In severe cases, removal of side teeth may be required to allow a proper, aesthetic alignment of the front teeth.

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Case 1

“My teeth are not straight"

12 year old
Moderate crowding 

Treatment plan: nonextraction, and interproximal reduction

Total Treatment time: 1.5 years

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