Teeth Spacing

Teeth Spacing
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Spacing of Teeth

Spacing can reflect naturally smaller teeth, missing teeth, an underlying gum issue or a protrusive tongue habit.

Spaced teeth trap food, is unaesthetic in the smile and often unstable as other teeth will shift into the gaps.

Your orthodontist will diagnose the cause of the spacing and offer a solution that will not only close the spaces, but also offer long-term stability.

In those with naturally small teeth, we can close all the gaps or work with your dentist to idealise spaces between the smaller teeth to facilitate more idealistic veneers or resin bonding.

Smile Gallery

Case 1

“I hate the gap in my front teeth”

15 year old, 

3mm gap in midine, spacing behind upper canines visible.

Treatment plan: Invisalign/clear aligners to close gap with lower teeth interproximal reduction

Total Treatment time: 1.5 years 

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