Dental Crowding

Case 1

“My teeth are not straight"

12 year old
Moderate crowding 

Treatment plan: nonextraction, and interproximal reduction

Total Treatment time: 1.5 years

Case 2

“I don’t like my front teeth"

18 year old,
Moderate crowding

Treatment plan: Invisalign with interproximal reduction

Total treatment time: 1.8 years

Case 3

I hate my lower crowding"

19 year old,
Naturally missing two upper premolars. Severely crowded lower teeth. Deep bite. Upper molars rotated 

Treatment plan: Removal of 1 lower incisor, and Invisalign to align, open the bite and close the extraction space

Total treatment time: 2 years

Case 4

“My teeth are a mess"

12 year old, 
Upper and lower midlines off. Upper left canine displaced. Lower second molar crowded out.

Treatment plan: Extraction of 3 teeth, followed by braces

Total Treatment time: 2.2 years

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