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Your Aligners WILL NOT WORK if they are not in your mouth 22 Hours a Day

Your Orthodontist has likely emphasized this point to you many many times. But this is so important to the success of your treatment, and the timely completion of your treatment.

If you are not wearing your aligners less than the required duration per day (or you’re skipping ahead aligners too quickly), your Orthodontist will be able to tell! There will be little airspace between your teeth and the plastic.

In the unlikely event that wear-time has been significantly less than requires, a new scan and a mid-treatment modification may be required which prolongs the duration of your treatment.


Chewies and Aligner changing protocol

Your Orthodontist recommends upgrading your aligners just before bed. Make sure you have chewies handy!

New aligner: Pop your old aligners out, rinse them and put them in your spare aligner box, don’t throw them out just yet! Positioned your new aligners over your teeth and use finger pressure to push them down. After they’re in the right spot, grab your chewie and chew, chew, chew for at least 5 minutes to ensure the aligner is fitting properly!

Current aligner: Anytime your aligners are tight, use chewies to help completely seat them over your teeth.


Helps the aligners grip the teeth to move them properly.

Here’s a close up of what they look like. The number and size of attachments will depend on your teeth shape, their alignment, your bite and the required tooth movements.

These are glued on when your aligners are delivered. They generally remain stain free and are tooth coloured for maximum aesthetics.

If you’ve found that you’ve lost an attachment, let your Orthodontist know and they will replace them on the tooth to keep you on track.


What can I eat?
What can I drink?

Great News!

Pretty much anything you like!

Just take your aligners out, and make sure you brush your teeth or at the very least, rinse your mouth before putting your aligners back in!

You can keep your aligners in for drinks such as water or milk. You MUST take your aligners out when drinking anything with sugar, acids (juice) or coloured (Wine, black tea, black coffee) as these liquids will collect within your aligner and either dissolve or stain your teeth!

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