Orthodontist Near Albury

Specialist Orthodontist Near Albury

At You Make Me Smile Orthodontics, we’re dedicated to bringing radiant smiles to the Albury community. Conveniently located in Wodonga, our practice is a short distance away from Albury, where we specialize in creating smiles that exude confidence and joy.

Albury is approximately 7.2km 10 minutes away from our practice in Wodonga.

By Public Transportation (Bus):

  1. Check Local Bus Services: Research Albury-Wodonga’s bus routes to West Wodonga.
  2. Board Bus to West Wodonga: Choose a bus heading to West Wodonga, verifying the schedule and route suitable for your location.
  3. Alight at Nearest Stop: Disembark at the closest bus stop to You Make Me Smile Orthodontics at 19 Emery Ct, West Wodonga. Use a map or navigation app to locate it.
  4. Walk to You Make Me Smile Orthodontics: Upon exiting the bus, use a navigation app to guide your short walk to the specific address.

By Car: If you prefer to drive from Albury-Wodonga to You Make Me Smile Orthodontics, enter the clinic’s address, 19 Emery Ct, West Wodonga VIC 3690, into a navigation app like Google Maps. It will provide you with the best driving route based on current traffic conditions.

Why Choose Us

30+ Years of Experience

We have given multi-generational family members smiles they can be proud of

Your Orthodontist will be present at each visit

We monitor your treatment from start to finish and into retention

Boutique Family Practice

You will receive the upmost care, service and support throughout your orthodontic journey

Evidence Based Techniques

We only recommend treatment that is scientifically shown to be beneficial for your orthodontic treatment

Clinical Experience and Expertise

Both our Orthodontists are highly qualified. Together, they have treated over 12,000 patients, and counting. There isn’t much we haven’t seen.


We speak your language: English and Chinese (中文)

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About You Make Me Smile Orthodontics

A natural, gleaming smile lets you put your best face forward, you will extrude confidence and is your best asset for life.

We have been creating such smiles and transforming lives for the last 30 years. We combine the latest orthodontic treatments and scientific research for adults, teens and children, with our personalised, friendly and family-cantered approach to patients of all ages. Our orthodontists are highly trained to provide you and your family with the best orthodontic care, the best results and all with honesty, integrity and transparency.


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A smile is a curve that can set things straight