Early Orthodontics Treatment

Orthodontic Treatments

Early Orthodontics

When it is needed?

Children develop and change so quickly, and so do their teeth and jaws! Sometimes, the crowding or funny bite is completely normal and will self-resolve! Sometimes, your child might need a little assistance.

If things aren’t looking quite right, maybe you child’s a thumb sucker or perhaps you see an underbite or crossbite, come see our Specialist Orthodontists.

A comprehensive assessment of your child’s growth, bite, teeth (those in the mouth and those still in the gums), and airways will be done! Your orthodontist will provide you with information regarding the current and future teeth and jaw development, and when best to treat to give you peace of mind.

The Twin Block Appliance

Extremely protrusive or bucky teeth are at a high risk of damage during your child’s early years. They can be a source of teasing at school, and make it impossible for your child’s lips to come together naturally.

We can often help with a Twin-Block Appliance.

A Twin Blocks Appliance incorporates the use of upper and lower bite blocks to reposition the lower jaw forward for correction bucky front teeth, narrow jaws, deep bites and a retrusive lower jaw/teeth.

It is often worn Full time for 8-12months, and followed by braces or Invisalign.


Some of the common bite issues that may require earlier treatment

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