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Correcting your jaw, your bite and your teeth

Orthodontics is moving teeth within the jawbone. However, if the jaw bones are far from their ideal spots, the teeth can’t be positioned properly for a functional bite, for proper chewing and smiling. Under such circumstances, we sometimes need additional help from our Oral-Maxillofacial surgeon colleagues.

We will explore all possible treatment options with you, and you pick which option best suits your personal goals.

Generally, we wait until all growth is complete before recommending and commencing these treatments. The oral-maxillofacial surgeon will discuss the all benefits and risks involved in this treatment pathway.

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Case 1

“I can’t bite, I can’t eat food and I don’t like smiling”

33 year old, 

Large open bite. Only biting on wisdom teeth. Sore muscles and jaw ache. Had 4 teeth removed previously, but treatment did not work.

Treatment plan: surgical orthodontics involving both jaws

Total Treatment time: 2.4 years

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Your Orthodontist will move your teeth to their optimal position within each jaw bone respectively. This then allows your Oral Maxillo-facial Surgeon to move your jaws into the right spot. After surgery, you will see both specialists regularly to ensure the healing process goes smoothly, and a few final orthodontic adjustments will be made to give you the best bite.

We work with highly trained, and experienced surgeons to minimize your downtime. Our patients typically return back to daily life after a short fortnight break. However, everyone recovers differently, your orthodontists or surgeon will be able to best guide you in what to expect.

Good questions. In most cases, we want your family (and your pets) to still recognize you after treatment, so in short, no. You will still look like you, with subtle enhancements.

If the proposed treatment will lead to changes in your appearance, our Specialized Orthodontists will inform you of this, and also provide (at request) a digital simulation of the expected outcome.

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